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Can You Replace A Door Knob With A Deadbolt?

If you want a quick and positive answer, we have it for you. And yes, it is possible to do this and it is not complicated at all, the only thing is that you have to determine if it is really the best choice for your type of door or for your needs, instead of asking yourself if you can, you should ask yourself if it is necessary.

Every locksmith case is different, there can’t be a general solution for everyone where people’s problems are completed, that’s why we always recommend you to ask your locksmith what he thinks about the situation to give you a clear answer. 

Today, we’ll tell you a little bit about the pros and cons of replacing a door knob, and what benefits a deadbolt brings. Ready? Let’s get started right away. 

Advantages of Replacing the Door Knob with a Deadbolt

In a nutshell, a deadbolt is much better than the ordinary doorknob we are used to in most cases, mainly because they will prevent much more burglaries at home by resisting more against bumping attempts of some thieves. But it is true that they are a little more complicated to manipulate than an ordinary deadbolt, although for many people this does not represent too serious a problem. 

Most locksmiths will recommend that if you are looking to add a little more home security, a deadbolt is an excellent option as long as you have the budget to afford a good locksmith. By replacing a doorknob, even outsiders will notice that you are aware of your home’s security and it may prevent burglars from even trying to target you.

But regardless, these types of locks focus much more on exterior doors, and doorknobs are great for interior rooms unless you have something to hide and protect inside your room. 

Many brands of doorknobs also have deadbolts, so if you want to keep your favorite brand of security it is possible to do so. And you can even use the master key system technique with a doorknob and deadbolt without any hassle, appealing to anyone who hates having their key rings full of different keys.

Disadvantages of replacing a doorknob with a deadbolt

There are no real or overly noteworthy disadvantages to changing the doorknob or lock, the only thing that could bring you a few problems is the physical administration of the door, as it may perhaps make it easier for burglars to enter in some way, but this you can rule out by asking a locksmith for a security assessment.

If you live in an apartment and rely on a landlord for physical changes to your home, then it is best to ask them if there is a possibility of doing this on your own as it will change the aesthetics of your door a bit. In most cases, there are no problems with this small change. 

Otherwise, we will only recommend that if you do this procedure, it is by the hand of a professional locksmith company that has licenses and quality tools.

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