Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Custom Stickers and Labels

Custom stickers and labels are essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals to promote their brands, advertise products or services, share messages with customers and more. With so many uses for custom stickers and labels, it is important to consider the size and shape of the sticker or label when ordering them.

The right size and shape can make a big difference in how well they look on your product packaging or promotional materials. This article will discuss the importance of choosing the right size and shape when ordering your custom stickers and labels to ensure they look great, are easy to use, and serve their purpose effectively – all while providing different options available.

Why size and shape matter 

Size and shape are crucial components to consider when ordering custom stickers and labels. Not only do they help to make a statement, but they can also affect the performance of the sticker or label. When it comes to size, larger stickers have a higher chance of being seen and attracting attention, while smaller ones may be overlooked. Having the right size and shape can help to make sure your stickers and labels are seen and used effectively.

Tips for finding the right size

1. Keep things proportionate: 

It is essential to choose a sticker or label size that is proportional to the product, packaging, or promotional material it will be placed on. If the sticker or label is too big or too small, it can make the product look unbalanced or disproportionate. To find the right proportion, measure your entire surface and the area you want your stickers or labels to cover. You can find more tips here.

2. Don’t go too small: 

While smaller stickers and labels may be easier to place on certain products or packaging, and are surely cheaper, they will also be more difficult to see and read. This often defeats the entire purpose of ordering stickers and labels. If you need your custom stickers and labels to be easily readable, choose a size that is not too small.

3. Get samples printed: 

If possible, get samples of the custom stickers and labels printed in different sizes to see which looks best and is easiest to read before ordering a large number.

Tips for finding the perfect shape 

1. Think outside the box

The custom sticker universe is all about thinking outside the box. Did you know that you can get custom-shaped stickers and labels? They can have literally any shape you can think of and will make your product stand out. Of course, rectangle or square stickers and labels are just as good a choice. Just have a think!

2. Opt for a simple cut line

A complex or intricate cut line can be difficult to work with and cause problems when cutting and trimming the sticker or label to size. No matter the shape of your choice, flatten your cut line wherever you can. This will minimize the likelihood of your stickers or labels tearing. If you do not know how to do that, do not worry – professional sticker and labels printers are here for you.

3. Consider your budget: 

Different-shaped stickers and labels can come with different price tags, so keep your budget in mind when choosing a shape for your custom stickers and labels. When you order stickers and labels professionally, you often pay for the material used – and with square or rectangle stickers, you often get a better deal. For more tips like this, download this guide on sticker and label shapes.

Choosing the right size and shape for custom stickers and labels is important to ensure they look great on products or promotional materials, are easily readable, and serve their purpose effectively. Keep these tips in mind when ordering your custom stickers and labels to ensure you get the best results.

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