Do You Need an Everlasting Comfort Humidifier? Two Signs to Look Out For

If you have been looking for ways to improve the quality of your air then you’ve probably heard of an air humidifier. Most people who have a humidifier swear by them, and that is certainly true of the thousands of reviews left for the Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic air humidifier. This machine does a lot of incredible things like combining the power of an essential oils diffuser with the power of a humidifier. It also has a large tank that can keep it running for up to 50 hours and a smart off system that allows it to know when to turn off so you don’t have to monitor it manually.

But how can a room humidifier actually help you in the long run, and how do you know you need one? If you have been wondering when to make the jump and see if the hype for humidifiers is worth it, then here are two signs that could tell you this is the time.

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First, What is an Air Humidifier?

Before getting into the 2 signs your need to pay attention to, here is what an air humidifier is. An air humidifier is simple in concept, it’s a machine that takes water and converts it to a fine mist that is then sprayed into the air. This helps to naturally add humidity to the air that might have been lost due to the climate itself or something like air conditioning. Most homes use air conditioning, and even in naturally humid areas, this can create dry air. Air humidifiers can be a natural way of helping to combat dry air and its adverse effects.

There are two general types of air humidifiers, ones that use heat-based evaporation, and others that use ultrasonic engines. These ultrasonic engines utilize vibration to transform the water from liquid to gas and also allow for the emission of a cool mist.

There are advantages to each, however, the cool mist ultrasonic versions can help not affect the temperature of a room, since it is emitting a cool mist instead of warm or even hot vapor.

1. Dry Scratchy Throat At Night

One of the first signs that you may be in need of an air humidifier, and you would benefit from one, is if you struggle with a dry throat at night. This can happen with a frustrating amount of frequency, no matter what you do to prevent it. You can make sure that you are well hydrated before bed, or even keep a glass of water on the nightstand, however, a dry throat can seem to appear no matter what. As soon as you get comfortable, you feel that familiar tickle in your throat, and it can be very discouraging as even drinking water only temporarily alleviates it.

The main reason why this is so consistent is that whether you are using air conditioning or heat during the colder months, you can create dry air rather easily in your house. In the bedroom, this is most noticeable at night when it can bother your throat. A whisper quiet air humidifier like the one from Everlasting Comfort can help to get rid of dry air in your bedroom, and not keep up at night with unnecessary noise.

2. Dry Skin

Another sign that you could benefit from an air humidifier is going to be the health and dryness of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ your body has, and as such requires a lot of water and nutrients to keep working efficiently. Oftentimes, a person can have dry skin and ignore the symptoms for a long time. This can be detrimental to your health, however, as your skin is an important part of your immune system. Keeping your skin well hydrated allows it to have the kind of nutrition it needs to fight off infections, or even heal itself properly.

Signs that you have dry skin could be irritation or discomfort. If you have ever scratched an itch and then seen white, dead skin flakes appear as a result, this could also mean that you have dry skin that needs moisturizing. An air humidifier helps to keep the air moist so your skin doesn’t dry out and cause any adverse reactions.

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One of the best parts of the Everlasting Comfort humidifier is that it comes with an optional essential oils tray. You don’t have to use the essential oils tray to use the humidifier, but you can combine them. This allows you to infuse your air with not only the humidity you need but also with powerful oils that have been shown to have robust health benefits. This can be either your favorite essential oils or your favorite blends. Either way, this can be a powerful tool to help you get the most out of humidifying your air and improving your overall health!

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