Empowering Yourself To Resist Urges, Focus On Goals, And Lead A Balanced Life

In our busy and ever-changing society, leading a balanced life is becoming a harder task with every passing day, and is slowly fading into oblivion. Home life, school life, careers, work, relationships, and every day stressors are constantly tossing us into a state of busyness and worry. Usually we get anxious and worried when we have to make decisions, face the consequences of our decisions, and accept difficult decisions and circumstances. The weight of these issues can cause us to make poor decisions because of panic, fear, or health conditions such as fatigue, burnout, and brain fog. As normal humans we all have weaknesses and may try to control or handle our circumstances through impulsive urges, giving into temptations, and losing sight of our goals.

So how do we clear the deck and start building a balanced life in which we can resist urges and focus on our goals? The great news is that this is entirely possible. The even better news is that no one can stop you. It’s up to you if you want to strengthen your sense of self-control and this can happen by a process of engaging in regular and consistent habits each day including sleeping enough, eating healthier, exercising, and more. Don’t sweat the small stuff, instead start working on how you can strengthen your sense of self discipline and lead a more balanced and healthy life.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Getting enough sleep is a crucial first step in achieving mental clarity to be able to focus on things that matter like our life goals. Without the proper amount of sleep, you will be prone to fatigue, depression, and serious conditions like obesity and depression. A lack of rest leads to waning motivation making the ability to resist urges even harder. Sleep is an essential function in our body that brings restoration to our brain and allows us to make better decisions.

If you want to experience a more balanced life, start with your sleep. The recommended amount of rest is 8-10 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep each night. This should be preceded by important evening routines to experience the benefits of sleep. Try going to bed earlier, leaving your cell phone out of your bedroom, and sleep in a cool and dark room.

A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy never sounds fun, but when you think about how greatly it can help you achieve higher levels of self-control and self-discipline, it’s worth the journey. It almost seems unbelievable that what we eat each day has the power to affect our minds and how we make decisions, but it’s true, food is fuel for not only our bodies but for our brains as well. Eating foods like dark leafy greens, vegetables, healthy fat, lean proteins, and foods full of antioxidants helps to heal the mind and bring clarity, energy, and focus into your everyday life.

As you begin eating healthier you’ll notice that your ability to resist urges will grow stronger. Low glycemic foods act as fuel for your brain and help to strengthen your mind so you can set goals and stay focused.


Peptides are basically smaller versions of proteins and are being studied by researchers to determine their effectiveness in regulating various mechanisms and processes including resisting urges. While peptides are not fully approved for human intervention purposes, there are countless scientific studies on different animals that show how peptides are making a difference. Studies conducted on mice using the peptide revealed that this peptide has the power to decrease actions based on impulse and improve eating habits.


Exercise can give you a great looking body but studies also show that it can strengthen your mind and help you lead a more balanced life. Exercise is the practice of self-discipline because you train your body to workout even when you don’t want to. When you do that over and over again on a regular basis, you are building the muscle of self-discipline making it easier to have control over your emotions and impulsivity.

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