Good news! Medical cannabis extract oil, PAO, is already included in a list of herbal medicines in the National List of Essential Medicines.

Medical cannabis extract oil of the GPO has been added to three lists of herbal medicines on the National List of Essential Medicinal Herbs. Patients can access standardized medical cannabis on indications in the state health care system. Doctors in government hospitals diagnose and prescribe medicines for safety and efficacy in the treatment.

Dr Nuntakarn Suwanpitakakul, Specialist Pharmaceutical Organization, revealed that the National Drug System Development Board. Considered to include medical cannabis extract oil of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization as a list of medicinal herbs in the National List of Medicinal Herbs B.E. 2021 and was announced in the Government Gazette on May 14, 2021, by Medical Cannabis Extract Oil of the Pharmaceutical Organization Three items, were included in the National List of Medicinal Herbs: High THC Hemp Oil, CBD shop High CBD Hemp Oil, and Hemp Oil with equal CBD and THC. which is one mechanism to promote the use of herbal medicines to be more widespread.

List of herbal medicines in the National List of Essential Medicines It is a drug used in hospitals and public health facilities. With properties and indications according to medical requirements, The three pharmaceutical cannabis extract oils are available as sublingual drops consisting of high THC hemp extract oil as an adjunct treatment for nausea. Vomiting from chemotherapy Patients with late-stage cancer has insomnia, appetite loss, or moderate to severe pain. Hemp extract oil pills with high CBD shop, according to the project of the Department of Medicine and hemp oil pills with equal proportions of CBD and THC Adjunctive Therapy in late-stage cancer patients with insomnia, loss of appetite, and moderate to severe pain.

Specialist The Government Pharmaceutical Organization said the public had access to medical marijuana on the national list of herbal medicines in the state health service system. The state-sponsored the cost of medicines. There are 893 government hospitals that licensed medical marijuana service units across the country to provide people with safe and adequate access to medical marijuana. Therefore, seeing a doctor diagnose and prescribe medicines is essential. These doctors have been trained to use cannabis properly and choose standardized drugs. Safe, especially drugs approved by the FDA and listed in the national herbal medicine list.

“Putting herbal medicines on the National Essential Medicines List This will reduce costs for patients and provide them with greater access to medicines they need. especially expensive drugs and encouraging people to turn to medicinal products made from herbs Substitute for drugs that have similar therapeutic effects This can help reduce the country’s drug costs.” Pharmaceutical Organization said. CBD oil are available in a CBD shop.

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