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How To Personalize Your Instagram Algorithm To See More Of What You Want

We all might agree to the fact that it has become our habit to scroll through our Instagram feed whenever we get a chance. Instagram content is fun, relatable and we all love viewing content from our favorite creators. But often it happens that we see more random content than what we actually want to. Do you also want to see more of what you want in your Instagram feed? To personalize your Instagram algorithm, the key is to engage actively with the content you like and want to see more of. Here are tips to personalize your Instagram algorithm to see more of what you want on Instagram.

  1. Interact with the content you want to view more on the explore page: Instagram algorithm is set in a way that it gauges your interaction with content to understand what you like and then shows relatable content. To see more of what you want you need to underline that content from Instagram by interacting with it. Liking, commenting, and sharing content will show Instagram that you’re interested in this content and that it should be featured more prominently in your feed. When you like, comment, and share content, you are sending signals to Instagram that you are interested in this type of content.
  1. Follow accounts with content you like: Follow accounts that post content that interests you whether it’s a funny meme page, a lifestyle account, or whatever else you’re into. Being actively engaged with the content from these accounts is the first step to personalizing your Instagram algorithm. You can even download content from the profiles that you like using Instazoom AI powered tool that helps you download any Instagram content easily and for free.
  1. Turn on post notifications: There are certain users whose content you wish to view more often, or you want to be the first one to view their content. If you have a profile user whose content you do not wish to miss, you can simply turn on post notifications for that account. To do so, simply view their post and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post. Now choose the “turn on post notification” option from the list. Whenever this user posts anything next you will be notified urdughr about it.
  1. Add accounts to favorites list: Instagram has introduced its favorite’s list feature. The favorite’s list is the list of accounts whose content you want to appear above everyone else in your feed. Adding a user in favorite’s list makes their content appear higher and higher in your feed. To add someone to your favorites list simply tap on the Instagram logo on the top left corner of your home page and from the drop down list choose “favorites”. Now you can simply choose accounts to add up to this list. A maximum of 50 users can be added to this list.

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