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Is Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Terrible For My Canines to Eat?

There are many pros and cons to vanilla frozen yogurt for canines. Vanilla is soothing and can have a calming effect on rescue dogs. The plain version of yogurt provides a good source of calcium and probiotic benefits. But flavored varieties contain lots of sugar, including xylitol, which is toxic to canines. So, before you give your pooch a spoonful of vanilla frozen yogurt, ask yourself: is it really dangerous for my canine? bundlenew

While vanilla yogurt is safe for dogs, plain yogurt is best. Greek yogurt contains more live-culture probiotics and is low in lactose. Plain yogurt is better than vanilla, as it has less sugar and calories. And because your dog will be eating yogurt, you can try homemade yogurt if you want. It will be much healthier for your canine than store-bought varieties.

While vanilla frozen yogurt contains sugar, it is safe for dogs. In fact, sugar may cause obesity in dogs. It also causes tooth decay in dogs. Fortunately, most dogs don’t show any signs after eating vanilla ice cream. But small dogs may exhibit diarrhea and stomach upset. If your dog does eat some of the frozen yogurt, it’s best to visit the vet right away.

It is best to stick to plain, unsweetened yogurt. Shop-bought varieties often contain ingredients that may be toxic to canines. Chocolate and xylitol are both harmful to dogs. And if your dog has an allergy to dairy products, it’s best to stay away from frozen yogurt altogether. To avoid any problems, try to make your own frozen yogurt instead.

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