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The 27M global sawers venture beat is one of the most exciting things happening in the startup world today. With an innovative product and a growth strategy that is gaining momentum, it looks like the future is looking bright for the company. However, it will take some time before the global sawers venture can start to pay off.

Series A round

The third round of global sawersventurebeat was a bit different than the previous two. It focused on the growth of the company and how it can expand to new markets. In addition to attracting investment, the company also tripled its R&D team.

The startup, based in Mountain View, California, has a range of plug and play templates, as well as an event platform, for businesses looking to host events. The company supports ticketing, registration, and video conferencing. Its engineers provide chat-based technical support to users who need help setting up their hardware and networks.

The series C round was led by Insight Partners and Stripes, as well as Tiger Global, O.G. Tech, Balderton Capital, and Compound Ventures. Connecteam plans to build on its previous funding and grow its global user base.

The startup, which provides an all-in-one workplace management system for deskless workers, previously raised $38 million before this round. This new round of funding, which included Qumra Capital and Insight Partners, as well as Balderton, Eclipse, and First Minute Capital, brought in $120 million.


Appwrite, a company that builds open source backend servers for web and mobile applications, recently raised $27 million in a Series A round from a host of investors including Tiger Global Management. According to the company, it used the money to boost its marketing and engineering efforts. It also plans to hold a Low-Code/No-Code Summit on November 9.

The company’s main product is a cloud-based backend platform that can help organizations focus on building modern applications and cut 70 percent of the time it takes to build them. The platform is based on existing protocols and enables organizations to easily build and deploy applications using REST APIs. Currently, the company employs 27 people in multiple countries.

Bengaluru-Based Credit Decisioning Platform iDreams Rakes $70m in Series C Funding

Bengaluru-based credit decisioning company, iDreams, raises more than $70m in Series C funding. The company is planning to grow its loan book to 50 billion rupees. It has a team of 500 people.

Credit decisioning company raises over $70m in Series C funding

Perfios, a credit decisioning company, has just closed a $70 million Series C funding round, bringing its total funds raised to over $140 million. The company has operations in 18 countries, and its data analysis platform can analyze up to 500 million transactions per month. Its funds will go towards expanding its business and staffing.

The company says its software can help businesses with their financial management and tracking of their employees’ business spending. They also offer a credit line for business expenses.

Anzen, a startup offering networthexposed insurance products, has raised seed funding from MS&AD Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. The company has built a modern experience for users and a suite of insurance solutions.

Yassir is an all-in-one ecosystem, and provides sdasrinagar banking and ridesharing services to customers. The service generates revenues for merchants and drivers, and also supports gig workers. Yassir launched in 2017 and has processed more than 100,000 transactions valued at $350m.

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