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If you want to add SMS capabilities to your Shopify store, you’re in luck. This is one of the most important things you can do for your business, and this new plugin from Greylock is an excellent way to do it. With this, you’ll be able to send messages that are personalized, and respectful to your customers. Plus, lpllive you’ll be able to create an API so that other Shopify plugins can use it to offer deeper integrations.

It’s a major reason behind the success of Shopify

Postscript has been growing rapidly over the last year. It started out as a one-way broadcasting solution for Shopify stores. Now, Postscript is working on two-way xekdq interactions, focusing on legally compliant and spam free SMS marketing.

Postscript is built exclusively for Shopify merchants. It is available only for install in the Shopify App Store. When it came out, it had only 14 employees. Today, Postscript has over three hundred and fifty customers. The company is raising a $35 million Series B round led by Greylock.

The product was developed by Lutke, a software engineer by trade. With the help of his team, he and his team built an easy-to-use product. They also gave merchants tools to solve problems and expand their reach.

After a successful launch, Postscript grew to more than a thousand customers. Today, it has over sixty employees. Their funding was backed by 1984vc, Ali Capital, and Greylock.

It helps brands treat SMS as a personalized, respectful way to communicate with customers

Postscript is a text message marketing automation platform designed to help ecommerce store owners turn mobile consumers into lifetime customers. The company offers a variety of features, from shipping notifications to abandoned cart reminders, and enables store owners to lean into an SMS strategy. It’s also the largest SMS marketing platform on Shopify, with over 9,000 brands partnering with the company.

In the past year, Postscript has seen an enormous growth spurt. They’ve doubled their 230 employees in just over a year, and now have a quarter million users sending them hundreds of millions of text messages annually. Postscript combines a plethora of data sources with a high-end text marketing tool to deliver the right message at the right time. Among its impressive list of clients are Brooklinen, Spikeball, and Native, among others.

Postscript is a great example of the omniscience of the modern ecommerce ecosystem. Its main focus is helping Shopify merchants build direct relationships with their customers. Using Postscript’s mobile messaging service, merchants can send targeted text messages to their customers based on their buying habits. These messages include relevant promotions, product upgrades, and more. With Postscript, ecommerce stores can even send back in stock alerts and activate text marketing automations, all with a click of a button.

It’s only compatible with Shopify stores

The Shopify cloud platform allows you to run your store from anywhere. It also handles the nitty gritty details like server upgrades, security updates and ecommerce ad hoc marketing campaigns. And, with a Shopify Plus subscription, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to boot.

One of the best features of the Shopify platform is its streamlined user interface. You can access your shop from desktop to mobile without any hiccups. Moreover, it offers an integrated API for third party developers, allowing you to add new functionality with minimal coding. As you can see, it’s a no brainer if you’re running a business that relies on online sales to keep afloat. Lastly, the cloud-based Shopify platform isn’t limited to your ecommerce store; you can set up a blog, run your own social media, or create your own email newsletters. This is all in addition to a host of other tools that can boost your productivity.

It plans to create an API enabling deeper integrations into other Shopify plugins

Greylock Partners and 1984VC, along with Ali Capital and YC, led a seed round for Postscript in December 2019. The platform offers a set of tools to help Shopify stores connect with customers through text messaging. With its automations and campaign flows, brands can send personalized messages based on customer behavior. They can also create campaigns that can send multiple messages over a period of days. Although Postscript is designed for Shopify stores, it can be easily integrated into other platforms.

Postscript recently released Cart Abandonment, a feature that automatically triggers a message when a subscriber fails to complete the checkout process. It also added Browse Abandonment, which sends a message when a subscriber views a product page. Postscript is compatible with Shopify stores, and plans to develop an API to expand its functionality into other plugins.

The platform allows brands to manage subscriptions, segment lists, and generate deep data flows. Its standout feature is its automations, which are personalized messages sent after a specific Huay-online consumer action.

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