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Azevedo TechCrunch, a popular tech news website, recently announced that Real, a startup that offers an app that helps people who suffer from mental illness to live a more stable and happy life, raised $37 million in a Series B round. The company’s team is growing, and their app is starting to show signs of traction.

Real raises $37m in Series B

Real, a behavioral health platform, raised $37 million in Series B funding. Founded by Ariela Safira, Real offers mental health care programs via an app. The company offers several different pathways based on emotional issues, including depression and stress. These pathways consist of a series of exercises designed by therapists.

For $13 a month, users can access Real’s therapy program. These programs can be used for mental wellness, relationship issues, or body image. Users can also track their progress using the app. Those who require more intensive support can opt for a traditional, one-on-one therapy session.

Real has been building out a clinically effective, on-demand platform for behavioral health. This platform includes a range of resources, such as self-guided therapy services, educational content, and on-demand tools. It also works to connect users with a variety of communities.

Using the latest funding, Real Therapeutics will continue to advance its product line. According to the company’s CEO, Ariela Safira, the goal is to provide a comprehensive solution to the mental health care market.

In addition to their on-demand therapy products, Real has also launched Real Collaborative, an app that provides similar services to a therapist’s office. Using the app, users can track their progress and establish a routine.

Real’s mental health app is gaining traction

One of the newest entrants to the mental health space is Real. Launched by Ariela Safira in January of this year, the company has been making headlines as a provider of the most comprehensive mood tracker. Among other things, the app tracks users’ energy, optimism, purpose, and relationships.

It also has one of the most robust membership programs in the industry. The company has been investing heavily in group therapy sessions for members. However, its biggest challenge may be staying the course. Fortunately, it has already raised $53 million in funding and it’s not the only contender in this space.

Real’s biggest innovation is its Pathways program, which features therapist-designed courses on mindfulness, meditation, and emotional management. These courses are meant to be used as complements to traditional psychiatric care. Interestingly, it is not a standalone service but rather a part of the larger Calm Health ecosystem.

Real also has a cool-looking website that tracks your mental health. This includes a comprehensive set of quizzes and questionnaires to track your emotions. On the surface, it may seem a little antiseptic, but the team at Real has been able to find culturally savvy professionals to serve as moderators and educators.

The company has also been investing in the newest and most innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, the real magic is in the algorithms that power its programs. For instance, it identifies symptoms and suggests treatment options to users.

Real’s team is growing

Real Madrid has become the most dominant force in Spanish football. The club has won more than six league championships and three Spanish Cups in the past thirty years.

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One of these is Maite Oroz, who has a promising future. Other notable signings include Kosovare Asllani and Sofia Jakobsson.

Real has also begun to recruit within Spain. Its squad includes four players who have come through the ranks.

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Among other things, the Real Madrid women’s team has begun to develop a competitive squad. They’ve already recruited Ivana Andres and have attempted to invest in the team.

Another important piece of news is the partnership between Real and Sixth Street. This American company has extensive experience with sports and infrastructure.

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