Swelling and blood in the back of the knee (Hematoma)

Mainly due to hemostasis. Poor after surgery and there is still some blood before the suture is closed, or patients who have received thrombolytic laxatives before or have a history of bleeding that is difficult to stop.

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 Swelling will continue to increase under the eyes, swelling may follow up to the cheekbones. If left for a long time and there is a lot of pressure, it may press on the eye sockets. can affect vision or blindness such symptoms The patient will have a lot of swelling and pain in the eye socket. In very few cases, it may cause swelling to heal slowly and risk inflammation.

 If it is found that there is a lot of swelling or more and more without decreasing, with more pain Immediately see the surgeon who performed the surgery. or a surgeon as close as possible to assess If there is a hematoma, surgery will be needed to drain the hematoma and stop the bleeding before sutures will be closed.

 But if there is a lot of swelling and it lasts for several days The surgeon may place a small drainage tube at the suture line. to help drain and make it disappear faster

 Lower Eyelid Scar: Normally, scars from lower eyelid surgery will be seen in the first 2 weeks and will gradually fade more and more. This symptom may be treated with just an eye cream applied under the eyes and massaged onto the wound daily. The wound will gradually improve by itself, which rarely requires the use of scar treatments or lasers.

 Dark eyes or dark hematoma after surgery (Bruise or Ecchymosis)

 Normally, the symptoms of dark eyes caused by the breakdown of red blood cells Most will gradually fades naturally which if wanting to recover faster may use massage under the eyes together with applying eye cream and wear sunglasses when outdoors Using a laser to reduce dark circles after surgery It will be useful in the last 4 months or more.

Eyebrows are the relationship between the eyes and the face.

“Doctor, I really want to do eyelid surgery.”

 It is one of the most common requests in the plastic surgery industry. The patient often explains or gives a long lecture to make sure the doctor understands the problem. whether the upper eyelid is swollen lower black eyelid There is a hanging skin in the corner of the eye. It doesn’t look pretty. It doesn’t look like it’s open.

 Answers that are often given by doctors Which is in line with the expectations of the patient and the answer is not difficult to predict, which is “need to have upper eye surgery or upper eyelid surgery?

 What will this upper eyelid surgery do? Cut off the skin where it dangles and sags. and what’s under the skin that makes it look swollen Then cut it out completely, which the patient often thinks that there must be a lot of fat in there. Therefore, I want to make a new eye layer to make me see the layer clearly.

 But the answer to these methods must be extremely careful. because the results of the surgery that followed Coming may not make it look better. Or be happier as you think

If any of the following points apply to you Upper eyelid surgery probably isn’t.

choices that lead to success

When you lift (raise) your eyebrows, your upper eyelids do not have excess eyelids, your eyelids look beautiful, pleasing, not swollen, when you stop (raise) your eyebrows, you see that you look better even with your upper eyelids. and eyebrow shape But when the upper facial muscles are fully relaxed until the eyebrows were completely lowered You don’t like your face at all, it makes you look sad, old, and tired. You don’t want new eyelids. I already like the same eyelids, don’t change much, want the same natural look, especially Men need to be very careful about making the upper eyelids, some call it disfigurement. Throughout your life, you are very afraid of scars on the upper eyelids. Afraid that the doctor will not be good at doing upper eyelid surgery and will have obvious scars for the rest of his life. Don’t forget that the eyebrows and eyes above it are adjacent Whenever the eyebrows are raised, either intentionally or unintentionally, the upper eyelids are raised accordingly. Uninvited excess skin must float higher or disappear from the eyelids. According to the amount of eyebrow lift, eyelids that used to look low and short must look higher. Droopy eyelids disappear without surgery on the upper eyelids. Plus the upper eye that used to look sharp also disappeared with swelling of the upper eyelid. It is not caused by having excess fat in eyelids. Always Look in the mirror and look at yourself from head to toe and see that you’re already skinny. How can there be excess fat in the eyelids? The answer is to try to pick up a sheet of A4 size paper and hold the top edge with one hand. Hold the bottom edge of the other hand, hold it without reaching it, causing the thin paper to bend. When viewed from the front, we can see that the paper is fat and swollen, although in fact it is thin and thin. This example shows swelling of the upper eye. The sagging of the eyebrows is not caused by the upper eyelids being thicker than usual, especially if the eyebrows are stopped (raised) and the swelling disappears like this. It can definitely be confirmed that the eyebrows are the cause.

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