Who Is the Best Startup Law Office in California?

Finding a great lawyer to represent your business can be challenging. Many San Francisco law firms are global, while others specialize in startup businesses. To ensure you get the right advice, you should choose a startup law firm with a background in the particular area of law that is relevant to your business. Some firms offer fee deferrals and discounts to startup businesses. Read on to learn more about finding a good attorney for your business.

Startup lawyers are required to understand the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations and the Jobs Act. If you are hiring independent contractors instead of employees, your lawyer needs to understand this issue as well. Startups have to balance risks and incentives with employees and ensure that all technology they develop becomes company property. The goal of hiring a startup lawyer is to help a new business succeed in the long run. A good startup law firm can provide valuable advice on these and other legal issues.

Silicon Legal Strategy: Founded by former silicon computer chip makers, this Silicon Valley firm focuses on technology and venture capital work. Its attorneys have helped hundreds of startups raise over $500M in venture capital. SPZ Legal: This Silicon Valley startup law firm offers outside general counsel services to startups and small businesses. They help with incorporation, IP protection, compliance with securities law, and drafting and reviewing business contracts.

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